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Deities: Secrets Unmasked

This exhibition, Deities: Secrets Unmasked, was created in collaboration with a team of students in an upper level museum studies class. Playing the role of museum educator in the group, I created educational materials for the exhibit. The exhibit included artifacts and artworks related to deities across cultures, and allowed visitors to explore the history and significance of these objects. The educational materials include engagement experiences, social media strategies, and two tours that highlight key works in the exhibition. The museum hopes to engage visitors in museum events, virtual resources such as lectures, and the ability to try on some of the masks in the exhibit through a digital screen. Below are some of the educational materials related to the mock exhibition.

Exhibit Brochure:

Deities copy 2.jpg

Key works highlighted in exhibit tour:

Standing Female Deity

Rape of Europa

Rattle Bowl, Trophy-Head Deity

Futen, the Wind Deity

Katen, the Fire Deity

Lintel of Amenemhat and deities

Buffalo Headed Bhuta


Julia Edelmann

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